August 20, 2005

How long is Azer going to be here?

Well, their talking about keeping him for the renowned "10 Days". Yep. The doctors never say, well 11 days, or 13, just 10. There must be a "10" in their "How to be a Doctor" handbook.

Ok, well anyways, since he's going to be here 10 days, they said their probably going to put in a PICC line. This will be his first one, and it sounds scary to me. PICC stands for "peripherally inserted central catheter". Hey, when you say that fast, you sound like a doctor.

IV's only go in the vein a short ways and they only last a few days. PICC lines start at the middle of your arm, they thread the catheter up through the vein all the way into one of the main veins go to your heart. Yikes! It sounds like a big deal, but the social worker said the older CF kids say they would prefer having a PICC line. Besides, if they actually do go ahead and put the PICC line in, he would be sedated, so he wouldn't really feel anything, and that makes me feel a lot better. And the good thing is, it doesn't go bad. In fact, it could stay in for 6 months if needed.