December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! It has been a bit more easy for me to get things done for the holidays now that I don't have to sit down for an hour a day for CPT. Azer knows how to push the buttons on the SmartVest machine now, so he doesn't need me to sit there for the entire treatment.

The Children's Hospital that we go to had CF Christmas party at the beginning of December. I opted not to go. Sure, it sounded like fun, but I just couldn't help thinking of the bacteria he might have picked up from hanging around other CF kids. He has been having a hard enough time recovering from colds and viruses. I didn't want to slam him with something else to recover from.

He has been on antibiotics off an on since November, and just finished another course of them for a wet cough. The cough has not gone away completely, but it is better than it was before.

Merry Christmas!

November 9, 2006

The SmartVest

We finally received the Vest. Compared to how long some people have to wait, we got ours very quickly. As soon as we got it, I tried it on Azer. I was nervous because I've heard it takes some time for kids to get adjusted to how it feels. He started to laugh as soon as I turned it on. He really loves it! He seems to be proud that this contraption belongs to him, and only him. Everytime he sees it in the room, he pronounces to everyone that, "Dats Athas" (that's Azer's). Thank God to whoever invented the Vest!!

October 17, 2006

Azer's 3rd Birthday

Azer is now 3 years old. I feel like he has accomplished so much this past year. He learned to ride a bike, he can just about dress himself, he is using the potty most of the time, and he learned how to swallow his enzymes whole (I don't know many 3 year olds that can do that!). He's such a big boy now, and we are very proud of him.

Its almost that cold and flu season again. Time for the family to get flu shots. I always get stressed during this time, because everytime Azer gets a cold, it takes him twice as long to get over it, and he seems to get a bit sicker than Reema.

The last doctor visit Azer had, they measured him for the Vest. And guess what, he fits the smallest one! So we did a victory dance and got all excited. So now, its the waiting time. Waiting to get approved by the insurance, and waiting for the doctors to respond back to the insurance ... fun stuff. Just have to be patient. Everytime I do CPT I think, ok, well its coming pretty soon!

September 15, 2006

Doctor Visit

Azer has been looking pale every now and then, especially on days he doesn't eat enough meat or cheese. I have been concerned about this, so I brought it up at Azer's latest doctor's appointment. All of Azer's blood tests came back normal, and his chest x-ray looked good. The doctor doesn't know the cause of his paleness, since he is not anemic.

Regardless of what he looks like, Azer has plenty of energy. In about 2 days, he finally learned how to ride his tricycle! So, a few days later, we ran out and bought him a small bike. He can really go fast and it is hard to keep up with him sometimes. Its funny to watch because the bike is so small. Azer likes to go over the speed bumps in the parking. The first time he did that, I thought the bike would tip over, and I ran to catch him, but before I could get to him, he picked up his speed, bumped right over it. He will be 3 years old in October and he is already giving me gray hairs!

August 22, 2006

Reema's Birthday!

August 21 was Reema's birthday. Reema is 2 years old now! We brought the bouncy thing in the house and filled it up with balloons. They had a great time with that! I can't believe its been 2 years already. I'm sure if Azer could really talk, he would say that he loves Reema because she is always around to play with, and life is never boring when Reema is around!

August 12, 2006

New Changes

I hope everybody likes the nice blue theme to the webpage and new additional information. I hope its easier on everybody's eyes ;) Well, I thought it was time for a change.

Azer has still been eating very well. He was looking really pale for about a week not too long ago. So, we tried adding more meat to his diet. I guess thats what he needed since he looks much better. Either way, he always has plenty of energy. Speaking of energy, Grandma sent a new toy. Its supposed to be for Reema's birthday but I just couldn't wait until the end of this month to put it up. Its a bounce house, jumping thing. Ok, well you can see the picture and come up with a name yourself. They love it! The description for it online was "Keep your couch for sitting, and your beds for sleeping". Haha. Yeah, at least they have a place where they are supposed to jump now. They just couldn't believe it when I said, "Yes, its ok to jump .... here".

June 27, 2006

Gained a pound

Yesterday, we went to see the GI doctor (Gastrointologist). He said Azer looks pretty good for having CF but he would like Azer to have extra body fat and to have him grow more than he is. Today we went to the CF doctor. Azer has finally gained a pound and he is about 27 lbs now. He had to get blood work (not fun) and a chest x-ray. Azer did so well with everything. He hardly cried at all, which sure made the day go alot better.

I can't wait until Azer gets old enough for the vest. The vest is a device used to perform CPT (chest precussion therapy). It saves time and parent's hands. Lately, CPT has just been so painful for me. Everytime I do it, my kneck and shoulders start pinching. I have gotten used to doing 30 minutes of CPT twice a day, but I guess it can take its toll on you.

May 25, 2006

Not Really Gaining Weight

Well, Azer isn't really gaining, or that's as much as I can tell on my home scale. We haven't been to the doctor's yet, but he has a GI appointment at the end of June. He is just not absorbing properly. All the fat he needs is passing straight through. The doctor said to give him two capsules of Prevacid a day instead of one. This is to further cut down on the acid in his stomach to give his enzymes a better chance at working. Since I've done this, it seems like some days he absorbs and other days he doesn't.

Did I mention I'm starting to try to potty train them? I was only intending to do Azer, but for a few weeks, Reema was almost totally potty trained, all by herself. It seemed to good to be true. And then, it just disappeared and she doesn't tell me she has to go anymore. Oh well, it was to good to be true. As for Azer, he's coming along... slowly. I'm really not pushing it too much, I just think, well if he just goes in the potty this one time, that's one less diaper used today.