April 7, 2010

He can breathe!

Yeah ... well, like I said before, it seems like the horrible headaches Azer was getting was from his sinuses. Yesterday evening, he had a really bad headache .. he looked just plain miserable. So I asked him if he wanted me to try to flush his sinuses again, so we gave it a second try for the day. Some gunk came out, but it wasn't a whole lot. The amazing thing is, right after we were done, the headache was completely gone.

And he was back to his normal, usual self again.


Well, I've been having lunch with Azer lately at school, to see if I can get him to eat more. Monday, I was feeling sucessful about things. He ate a half a sandwich and his milkshake. He was getting started on M&M's when he started to make a weird face ... and bleh ... he threw up right there.

So, I took him home, called the CF doctors and the pediatrician, and the pediatrician gave me an appointment for that day. After they looked at him, they called the CF doctor. The only thing they told me was, "Well, just keep giving him the Flagyl and if there are any changes, please give us a call". Yeah ... it's that anonymous answer they love to give. "Give us a call". Funny.

The CF nurse called me the next day and said that if things hadn't gotten better by Thursday, to make an appointment with the CF GI doctor. So, it looks like I might even get to drive there again! Twice this week!

Sarcasm .. it isn't one of my strongest skills.

Do you all like the new pictures?