May 25, 2010


So, yes he does have foot, mouth and hand disease, but apparently he was only contagious when they have a fever, which has been gone since Friday. So, he can go to his last few days of school.

The culture from the ER came back positive for Pseudomonas, so I'm waiting to hear back from the CF doctor to find out if they want to treat it.

Well, here's what his feet look like. His hands only have a few spots, but on his hands they look more like little pimples. On his feet, it looks like there are spots deep under the skin. Doctor says they should go away within a week.

Oh yeah, and the pediatrician seemed to be concerned that Azer was on Cipro, the antibiotic. I felt like I was trying to convince him that he should probably finish the 10 day course. *sigh* I always feel like I'm trying to explain things to the pediatric department.

Hands, Feet, Mouth ... what?

Azer hasn't thrown up since that night in the ER. It took about a day before he began to drink his milkshakes normally though. He missed practice on Friday, and missed his first baseball game ever on Saturday. He still had a headache that day, and he just wasn't drinking his milkshake. I couldn't have him running around in the heat on an empty stomach.

In order to give him his antibiotics at the right time, and not to close to his Prevacid, I've had to give them at 3pm and 3am. That's the best thing I could figure out.

So, yesterday morning, while I was getting Azer ready for school, he said his feet hurt a little. Well, I took a look and he has red spots on his feet ... kind of under the skin. That's weird, I thought. I took a look at his hands, and they have small, pimple type bumps on them. And his tongue is coated white, with some red splotches. The school nurse said it looked like Hand, Mouth, and Foot disease. So lovely. I called the pediatrician, and they thought it would be good if we brought him down there ... again. Apparently, it's very contagious, but the nurse from the pediatrician's office said she thinks it's only contagious while the child has a fever. So, perhaps when he was having fevers last week it was from this?

Reema had a fever and headache yesterday, and was sent home from school in the afternoon. She is fine today, though. So, in about an hour, we'll head over to the Children's Hospital ... again...