June 2, 2010


Lol. He's out of it.

He's back in his room

He made it through great. And he's got a brand new mic-key button. He
is in some pain. He has had three doses of Morphin so far. He's kind
of out it right now but is answerig questions. His oxygen was a little
low so we are making sure he is taking deep breaths.


The surgeon came out and said everything went fine. He was able to put
the button in. All stitches will desolve. No food or water for 24
hours. He will have a tube draining his stomach just for today. :)

In surgery

Well, they wheeled him back a few minutes ago. It should be from 30
minutes to an hour. They gave him sedation medicine, and he was acting
all goofy and silly. He gave me a kiss before they wheeled him through
the double doors.

Wheeled down

We are wheeled down to the sedation area. Taking blood pressure and
oxygen. He's a little nervous but is not crying and is coloring.