June 5, 2010

Getting there

It looks like we'll probably be going home on Monday! Yay!

Azer had very little pain yesterday. He was walking around normally. Maybe once every few hours, he had some pain, but I think that's because he was moving around so much. His baseball coach came to visit him, and Azer threw a ball back and forth. We also saw Reema yesterday (hi Reema :) It was so good to see her after almost a week! She misses her brother a whole lot.

Azer was constipated yesterday, which is totally normal for having taken morphin. Plus, he hadn't been moving around much for about two days.

It's good to have the old Azer back!

We got the pump we are taking home with us. They delivered it yesterday here in our room, so I've been learning a lot, and learning how to use the pump, and how to hook Azer up. He has been tolerating the overnight feeds so far. They are running for about 10 hours. Last night he received a little more than a whole can of formula. Tonight, they will try a can and a half. So, I guess I will keep increasing the amount at home until we reach 3 cans a night.

The pump can be dropped with no harm from 3 feet in the air, and it can also be washed with soap under running water. It's only like 1 pound, and the battery can run for a whole night without being plugged in, which is pretty cool. They also delivered a IV pole to us, but it's light and easy to push around.