January 12, 2011

Vomiting ... Again

He threw up at the end of his feed last night again. Again, it appears to be reflux. He kept trying to swallow hard to keep it down but just couldn't hold it. He kept his morning bolus down, but I've been stressing about it all day.
I made an appointment after school for the pediatrician just for peace of mind. While driving there, I got a call back from the CF clinic. They want him to see the CF GI doctor Friday morning.
Well, I just continued driving to the pediatricians office. I was almost there anyway. His weight is 50 lbs. Same as last month. So not cool.
While lifting his jacket off, the nurse was all, "oh, I didn't know he had a button. He still uses that? I can't believe he still uses that". I guess she assumed he had one as a baby. As if I felt like explaining to her why he has a g-tube.
So, we'll see what the pediatrician says. I feel bad for taking Azer's afternoon away from him just to sit in yet another doctor's office.
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