March 1, 2011

Ear infections....

Last night, Azer's Vest machine quit. Not totally quit, it just won't inflate the vest. Booo .... so I have to wake up 30 minutes early in the morning to do CPT before school, because I can't do it at the same time he does his nebulizer meds. It's sort of nice to do it at night. It's kind of relaxing in a way, sitting there watching Sponge Bob for 30 minutes straight. It's coming on Friday. He also gets to move up a size in the Vest, and this time he got to choose the color ... he chose a red vest .... anything is better than the same old green we've had for like 3 years. This machine has logged about 500 hours on it. Wow.

Everything has been perfectly fine. No coughing whatsoever. No vomiting. Stools have been great. Surprise! This morning, the school nurse called to me let me know that he was in the office, looked terrible and his ears hurt. I pulled Reema out of school early, and drove to the pediatricians. He had no fever, but his left ear was very red inside. In his middle ear, there is a part that will bulge when there is fluid build up behind the ear drum. The doctor said that it's possible his ear drum might be ruptured. But, in that case, it's much less painful, because it releases all the fluid. He will be on antibiotics (the pill is gigantic too) for 5 days.

On the way home, his ear was really hurting bad, and I could tell he had a fever. I gave him an Ibuprofen at home with some Gatorade. His baseball coach decided to have a spur of the moment practice. Of course, Azer wanted to do go, despite the fact that he was crying because his ears hurt. By the time I got to practice, he was bouncing up and down and ready to play ball. That kid amazes me.