July 19, 2018

A Little Discouraged

Azer says his lungs feel nearly 100% better. He did a PFT today, and since he's been here, each one has been getting better. Today, it was 5 points down. He tried 6 times to get it higher. The doctor looked at the results and said compared to previous times, the numbers are accurate.

She said we can retry the PFT tomorrow to see if it was a fluke. If they aren't better, they will do a bronchoscopy. She said often, a bronchoscopy can make a person's lungs worse for about two weeks, (which means an even longer hospital stay) but it might give them a better culture of what else might be in his lungs. He might be able to do home IV's at that point.

Azer isn't used to long hospitalizations, but here are some fun things we've done.

Playing foosball

Kendra Scott Jewelry

Assembled and painted a wooden dinosaur

Playing games with the Red 🎈 Network

Pretty much the entire time we've been here, Azer has been requesting the most silly, unusual songs on the Red 🎈 Network. Most of the songs are by Parry Grip. If you've never heard of them before, Azer says you should probably take a listen. You can thank him later.

He requested "It's Raining Tacos" so many times, I'm fairly certain everyone here is very familiar with it now.

We ran this IV pump's battery down so low, it died

Playing games

Snapchat filters lol

Physical Therapy Inpatient

Our out patient PT has been trying since last week to get Azer some physical therapy while he's here. He would definitely be able to get more mucus out if he could get up and run around. So, Tuesday Azer was evaluated by an inpatient PT, and we might be able to get to the gym some time this week.

Azer did a few minutes of exercises yesterday morning. But, in the evening, one incredible general practitioner doctor took it upon himself to get Azer some exercise. He took Azer and I to the stairs, and had Azer do push ups, jumping jacks, and then together, we all did about 10 minutes of running up the stairs. It was so much fun! Azer said his lungs felt totally normal after that. Exercise!!!!